Painting With a Twist - Lake Charles

When I began brainstorming Date Night Adventures a couples Painting with a Twist was really high on my list! I have participated in painting classes twice previously (with my mom and sisters), but I have always wanted to get my husband in on the fun. The problem was, for whatever reason, every guy I talked to would associate Painting with a Twist to a girly hangout thing. So we basically went into this Date Night Adventure with three goals:

Goal #1 – Have the best Date Night Adventure to date!
Goal #2 – Show these guys how much fun painting actually is 😉
Goal #3 – Host an awesome Date Night for other awesome Lake Area couples!

Painting With a Twist - Lake Charles

Okay some quick background information…Leroy and I have been married for almost 5 years. Our “default date night” is a trip to the movie theater (with popcorn!) and sometimes dinner. So this date night was new and different for us! One of the absolute best parts for me, was that we actually had to work together as a team to complete this painting. We were each given a blank canvas to paint on as our awesome instructors (Lilly & Brandon) helped us every step of the way. While we each painted our own canvas, we had to be very thoughtful about matching our painting styles, lines, and overlapping parts of our painting. At the end our separate paintings actually made one beautiful final portrait once they were placed side by side.

Painting With a Twist - Lake Charles

Leroy and a few of the other guys in the class, were very vocal about being a bit intimidated…mostly because painting isn’t naturally “their thing.” Leroy even told me that he was afraid his painting would turn out like a “fourth grade drawing.” But, at the end, every single one of them actually said that they had so much fun and were so surprised at how well their paintings turned out! In fact, all of them said they look forward to attending again!

Painting With a Twist - Lake Charles

One of our biggest goals at The Louisiana Wedding blog is to encourage the building of strong marriages and relationships. As this blog grows we are so excited (and thankful) to get to reach new couples online, but nothing compares to actually getting out and meeting some awesome new Lake Area couples in person!

Painting With a Twist - Lake CharlesWe look forward to hosting not only another Painting with a Twist date night (very soon!), but other local date night adventures as well! Keep a look out for future events and/or sign up here to get VIP notice of what we are up to (plus other goodies)! In the meantime, you can check the Painting With A Twist – Lake Charles monthly calendar to see what fun painting events they have coming up.

Painting With a Twist - Lake Charles Date Night Adventure

Painting With A Twist – Lake Charles is located at 4421 Nelson Rd, Lake Charles, LA 70605 in the Market Basket shopping center. You can reach them by phone (337) 478-0955 or by e-mail at



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